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  • Do You Know When Someone is Lying?
  • Do People Tell You Their Problems?
  • Do Certain Interactions Drain You?
  • Have You Ever Been Told ‘You’re Too Sensitive?’
  • Are You Overwhelmed By Noises?
  • Do You Feel Fatigued After Taking In A Lot Visually?
  • Do Malls and Museums Feel Like Just Too Much?
  • Do You Feel What Others Are Feeling?



This is not the way to cope!

Neither is numbing yourself with food, or alcohol or drugs.

Your sensitivity is a gift, but without understanding it and knowing how to manage it, it can feel like a curse.


Christine Agro

  I’ve been helping people, for almost 20 years now, to better understand who they are
and teaching them how to embrace their natural gifts rather than push them away. 
‘Sensitive’ is not a bad word.  Seeing through someone’s B.S. is a gift.
Isn’t it time you owned your natural abilities.


Understand your abilities, learn how to use them and control them and learn how to support yourself.

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