This program is a mix of healing support and self-learning. You’ll learn tools to help support yourself: like how to hold your space, how to clear energy, how to set energetic boundaries, how to ground yourself, how to find balance in any situation AND we do the work right in class so each class is like an energetic power wash and a warm bath all at the same time.

NEXT SESSION: December 5 – December 28
Mondays and Wednesdays

We’ll meet 8 times in December with Mondays and Wednesdays @ 10 AM ET.  All classes will be recorded and available through the end of the course if you can’t make it live.

Most classes will be an hour long, but I suggest leaving yourself 90 minutes. Not only do we start on time but sometimes I give more than an hour in a class. If it’s needed, I keep going.

We meet via teleconference. Carrier charges apply at your end. I recommend a headset so that you are hands-free and comfortable.


So if you are saying YES! I want THIS! or YES! I NEED THIS! or maybe both…

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