Do You Ever Feel Like Staying Under The Covers All Day?


This is not the way to cope! 

Your sensitivity is a gift, but without understanding it and knowing how to manage it, it can feel like a curse.

8 Signs You are an Empath or Energetically Sensitive

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  • Do You Know When Someone is Lying? 
  • Do People Tell You Their Problems? 
  • Do Certain Interactions Drain You? 
  • Have You Ever Been Told ‘You’re Too Sensitive?’ 

  • Are You Overwhelmed By Noises? 
  • Do You Feel Fatigued After Taking In A Lot Visually? 
  • Do Malls and Museums Feel Like Just Too Much? 
  • Do You Feel What Others Are Feeling?

Christine Agro, Transformational Life Coach

I’ve been helping people, for almost 20 years now, to better understand who they are 

and teaching them how to embrace their natural gifts rather than push them away. 

‘Sensitive’ is not a bad word. Seeing through someone’s B.S. is a gift. 

Isn’t it time you owned your natural abilities?


My Story

As a young child, my grandfather would tease me until I cried and then tell me to stop crying. My family members, instead of protecting me, would tell me that I was too sensitive. 

In 5th grade, the boys in my class learned quickly that they could get me to cry and then made it their mission to make me cry every day. When I told my mom, she said ‘tell your teacher.’ When I told my teacher she said ‘you are too sensitive.’ 

I’ve been told some version of that for the majority of my life – too sensitive, too much, too soft, I take things too personally; the truth is, I am an Empath. I feel things deeply. I take emotions on. I experience what others are experiencing. I have since learned to harness, what I believe is a gift and is a key part of who I am. 

Without this deep connection, I would not see and understand people in the unique way that I do. I now use my ability to 'see clearly' more than my ability to feel; personally, for me, it’s healthier; but I also know how to hold my space and keep the energy of others out. And, I think most importantly, I have developed a basket full of tools that allow me to energetically care for myself, to not only help maintain my space, but also clear out energies when they do find their way in, because no matter how much I know, how good I am at holding my space, how aware I am of how I move through the world; I still pick stuff up. As an Empath, self-care is essential to our well-being. 

So here’s what I want for you. I want you to take your first step in creating real change in your life and that starts with understanding who you are and why your space works the way it does. Over the years I have found that these two pieces are the start of creating real change in our lives. Until we understand the energetics of how and why we are ‘too sensitive’ or ‘too much’ or ‘take things too personally’ we can’t change the paradigm. When we do understand, it puts us on a path of empowered growth. 

For this reason, I offer a 'Discovery Session.' It's 30 minutes long and it gives you some insight into what you are working and how you are working on it; plus I give you at least one tool to help you create real change in your life AND we spend time playing with the tool during your Discovery Session. You walk away with some insight about who you are at your core and some guidance in how to support yourself.

I look forward to helping you better understand how and why you experience your world as you do. 

To Thriving! 


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